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WELCOME Studio/Network Executives, Producers, Showrunners, Agents, Managers, Production Staffs, and Assistants!


This site is for you, created to help you find more women directors for your future projects. In the meantime, I hope it also helps kill a few of these common phrases and myths that continue to lurk around the industry:

“There aren’t that many female directors.”

“There are only two women I can think of that qualify for my list.”

“I don’t know many women directors.”

“Not many women want to direct– probably because it’s a pretty masculine/manly/difficult job.”

Do those phrases sound familiar? I thought so. Now please stop saying them.

The database on this site contains over 850 1000 women who have directed at least one feature film or episode of television, or have substantial music video or commercial directing experience. In other words, women who qualify for many of your projects. (And with a little time, I’ll easily be able to double that number.) I even assigned the tv and narrative feature directors to different genres to help you narrow your search.

I want this to be a practical tool to help you diversify your director lists, approved director rosters, and whatever other organizing tools you use to track and consider directors for projects. I want to empower you to be part of the change.

Agents and managers, you are an important part of this, too. Change will happen in the industry when your client rosters reflect the reality of the world around you. Please use the database to find new clients— there are so many great possibilities!

While you’re on the site, there will be a continuous supply of news and updates to make it easier for you to stay current on women directors and their work, so visit often. Also, feel free to suggest your favorite directors for the database or site features that will make the site and database more useful for you.

The diversity problem in the industry is a complex one that needs to be addressed in a number of ways, but what is very clear is that if you aren’t actively working to improve the situation, you are contributing to perpetuating it. I hope this site helps you become an active participant in bringing positive change to the film and television industry.



A Big WELCOME to Filmmakers and Film Lovers!

Many of you are already familiar with TDL from Twitter and Pinterest, and I want this site to be a larger platform for more of what we started there—more news, more updates, more love for women directors!

I hope you will visit regularly for news, inspiration, and community. As always, please keep me posted on your work, feel free to send me links to news about you and your projects, or those of your favorite female directors, anytime. Also, if you want to update your listing or add a listing to the database, let me know. Help me make this a robust and growing resource.

Also, keep an eye on the Community page for information about different ways to engage with other like-minded filmmakers and film lovers interested in working together to promote the work of female directors.

This site will be evolving and I want you to feel that you have a say in how it grows. Feel free to send your ideas for what you’d like to see here, and if you’d like to pitch in and help make it happen, even better. Get in touch!

Thank you for all the support you’ve given TDL already, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!



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