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Anna Remus director of WISE GALS

#FF Fri Fundraisers for Dec. 8, 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Also, the busiest? My brain is slightly exploding from the myriad threads in the news about TIME’s Person of the Year, the Documentary shortlist for the 90th Academy Awards, critic’s end-of-year lists, and I’m sure you can add other head-exploding news to this list. So take it […]

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Catherine Beckett & Lara Goldie directors of SLATE YOUR NAME

#FF Fri Fundraisers for Nov. 17, 2017

While passing through the airport last weekend, I had plenty of time on my hands and recalled that the November release of ELLE is the Women-in-Hollywood issue. Eager to put my money toward the recognition of leaders in the film community, I handed over my $5 for the Riley Keough cover. Not only is Riley a […]

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Ash Eliza Smith director of Candy Ego

#FF Fri Fundraisers for Nov. 3, 2017

What a weekend it was at Citizen Jane Film Festival 2017. I’m proud to announce that I’ll soon be hiring a woman to direct the screenplay “Kismet” which won the first Screen Grab Prize at a pitch competition during the festival! The Screen Grab idea was born out of a collaboration with the Stephens College Screenwriting MFA program. There were 21 […]

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Director of THE ATAVIST, Cameo Wood

#FF Fri Fundraisers for Oct. 6, 2017

The past is catching up to Harvey Weinstein with the release of the New York Times article “Decades of Sexual Harassment Accusations Against Harvey Weinstein.”  With the article comes a variety of responses from women and men across the industry on twitter, blogs, and social media. It’s a sad display of a man’s need for […]

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NANAY KO 2 director Mallorie Ortega

#FF Fri Fundraisers for Sept. 29, 2017

Have you heard? In a massive move by Seed & Spark, independent filmmakers have been invited to join a very special crowdfunding rally called “Hometown Heroes.” Winners will have their feature film executive produced by the Duplass Bros and receive up to $25,000. The concept: Great stories happen everywhere. And great film can be created […]

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Lara Jean Gallagher director of Clementine

#FF Fri Fundraisers for July 14, 2017

Rolling into the dog days of summer, I’m doing my best to get outside, but it can be rough when barely walking into the Tennessee sun leaves me immediately drenched in sweat. What do you do to beat the heat? How about joining the heat by catching some lady-athletes in their creative moments? Fast Company highlighted this series […]

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Justine Bateman, director of the short film PUSH

#FF Friday Fundraisers for May 26, 2017

This week has been all about Cannes Film Festival and for women directors the experience is a familiar mix of coverage of the films themselves and the women’s appearances. Fashion is a mainstay, but the number of programmed films directed by women has fluctuated over the years. While this year a few widely-recognized directors like Sofia Coppola, […]

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Ruth Leitman, director of "Lady Parts Justice in the New World Order"

#FF Friday Fundraisers for May 19, 2017

“It takes a village…” is a common phrase when it comes to raising children, keeping neighborhoods safe, and plenty more situations. Arguably it’s a core tenant of crowdfunding, too. When we all add our unique participation, the whole project benefits! We can keep an eye out for each other and lend a hand. In the list […]

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Rebecca Woolf director of PANS

#FF Friday Fundraisers for May 12, 2017

        Keeping the intro short this week, but there’s one important item of business to cover: the Wonder Woman countdown has begun! Just three more weeks until the Patty Jenkins-directed action film opens (June 2)!  Have you seen the final trailer? Pre-sale tickets are already available– meet you at the theater?         […]

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Trees of Peace director Alanna Rosette

#FF Friday Fundraisers for Feb. 10, 2017

While compiling the list of films & directors over the past few weeks, I noticed a trend – impact films. Stories are told to entertain, to shock, to show-off, but ultimately they are told to leave the viewer with a lasting impression. Two of the films below aim to impact the way we see the earth and interact […]

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