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New Additions to the Database, Round 9!


As Women’s History Month 2017 comes to a close, I’ve returned to share another database update. This update brings quite a variety, with directors working in all of our primary medium categories.


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Thank you and check back soon for more updates!

                                                                                    — Destri

New Additions – March 29, 2017
(organized under the primary medium in which they work – updated listings are italicized)

Juliana Lukasik (US)
Ramaa Mosley (US)
Jill Salvino (US)
Stacie Isabella Turk (US)

Documentary Film
Lesley Chilcott (US)
Dina Fiasconaro (US)
Sharony Green (US)
Martina Lopez (UK)
Stephanie Stender (US)

Music Videos
Thomai Hatsios (US)

Narrative Film
Virginia Abramovich (Canada)
Ashley Avis (US)
Shana Betz (US)
Stefanie Black (US)
Laura E. Davis (US)
Amy French (US)
Nicole Jones-Dion (US)
Rainy Kerwin (US)
Nnegest Likké (US)
Kailee McGee (US)
Serene Meshel-Dillman (US)
Reed Morano (US)
Quinn Shephard (US)
Ela Thier (US)
Nicole Wensel (US)
Gwen Wynne (US)
America Young (US)

Siobhan Devine (Canada)
Ruth Ducker (UK)
Kate Eastridge (US)
Monique Sorgen (US)
Rebecca Asher (US)
Daisy von Scherler Mayer (US)


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