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New Additions to the Database, Round 8!

An update! My apologies for how long it’s taken me to get to this update– turns out, running a website, database, and an assortment of social media accounts is quite time-consuming.

This update adds 20 new directors and five updated listings (in italics). I also did a casual update pass a couple weeks ago, so there are many new tv credits (lookin’ at you, “Queen Sugar”) and a few new festival films that have been added to several listings.

I hope to be announcing updates on a weekly basis for the next month or so, since there are so many more talented and qualified women still missing from the database. (Fingers crossed there aren’t too many fires to put out during that time.) Of course, you’re always welcome to support the database by making a donation that will allow me to hire specialized help for expedited updates and added database functionality.

Just FYI, your donations really do help make shit happen. Since launching the database in 2015, it has proven to be a truly effective tool for getting more women hired. It’s a simple idea with a big impact. Two female directors have gotten indie feature gigs, and others have gotten doc, web, and PSA work — Not to mention the other databases and Twitter activity it’s inspired. Next stop, studio and network gigs! Who’s with me? DONATE HERE

Last, but not least, happy Oscars day! OK, that’s not always the happiest of days in the female director community. But again, you can help change that. During the awards tonight I’ll be spotlighting female directors on Twitter, and all I need you to do is retweet a few tweets to help raise the visibility of these talented women. Easy, right? Great, see you over on Twitter!

Right after you get to know these fabulous new additions…

                                                                                    — Destri


New Additions – February 25, 2017
(organized under the primary medium in which they work – updated listings are italicized)

Documentary Film
Heidi Burkey (US)
Ariana Delawari (US)
Jessica Edwards (US)
Jeanie Finlay (UK)
Linda Goldstein Knowlton (US)
Dana Nachman (US)
Chloe Sosa-Sims (Canada)
Julia Szucs (Canada)
Nanfu Wang (US)

Narrative Film
Jillian Armenante (US)
Christine Autrand Mitchell (US)
Erika Bagnarello (US)
Roxanne Benjamin (US)
Joan Carr-Wiggin (Canada)
Anne Hamilton (US)
Janet Harvey (US)
Anna Rose Holmer (US)
Claudia Pickering (Australia/NZ)
Carol Rhyu (US)
Emma Rozanski (UK)
Carly Usdin (US)
Linda Yellen (US)

Roxann Dawson (US)
Shannon Flynn (US)
A. Laura James (US)
Cat Solen (US)


Help us spread the word— tell the world that The Director List database now has 1057 highly-skilled women directors! Check back soon for more updates!


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