Jessica Martin, director of ABBY AND TABBY ALONE IN THE DESERT

#FF Friday Fundraiser Mar 24, 2017

Why do you give gifts? Does it come naturally?

There are many benefits of giving to others – it’s a practice of selflessness that allows you to drop focus on whatever might be stressing you. Even if just for a moment, you experience an endorphin high: that feeling you get when the recipient smiles or reacts in thankfulness or joy.

Connectivity is another benefit. Giving to a friend or a family member in a thoughtful way according to their needs or desires allows you to connect on a personal level. How about connecting to strangers? Being part of the global human race is difficult to wrap my mind around, but giving to others across the planet is one way to make that connection real.

Crowdfunding is a direct way to give, connect, and up the endorphins! Not only that, but the campaigns you find in our weekly #FF posts have tangible results.

Give to connect, give to re-direct your energy outward, give to help a director achive a goal. Find your reason and give today! There are so many ways you can push a campaign to it’s completion: financial support, a shout-out on social media, or a re-tweet during TDL’s #FF twitter storm. Thanks for your support!                                   — Sarah


Reminder: All of the projects listed below have female directors at the helm OR they are projects that benefit women directors (e.g., film festivals, funds, etc).  The campaigns at the top of the list are the ones ending soonest, so get in there and support ASAP (with $$ or an RT on Twitter). Click the titles to go directly to each project’s crowdfunding page, those in italics are new additions this week.

Thanks for visiting and thank you very much for helping us support and raise awareness about WOMEN DIRECTORS AT WORK!

Crowdfunding Projects for Friday, March 24, 2017


LADY HUNTERS, directed by Angela Atwood – @Lady_Hunters

HARD ROAD, directed by Victoria Angelique – @victoriao87

ARTEMIS FILM FESTIVAL, led by Melanie Wise – @Artemis_FF

YEMI’S DILEMMA, directed by Sade Oyinade – @yemisdilemma @sadeoyinade

ABBY AND TABBY ALONE IN THE DESERT, directed by Jessica Martin – @jessicaemartin @abbytabbymovie

TO LIFE, directed by Diane Dresback – @tolifemovie

HIDE AND SEEK, directed by Shoshana Rosenbaum – @ShoshanaRosenba

AND THE MOON, directed by Shelley Farmer – @ShelleyBFarmer

MAE, directed by Anjalika Sharma – @indienari

THE LONE DRONE, directed by Vanessa Elliott – @DroneLone

MI TIERRA, directed by Sandra Camargo – @mitierrafilm


If you’d like your project included in our next #FF Fri Fundraiser post, please email us with the details listed HERE.


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