Delaney Colaio, co-director of "We Go Higher"

#FF Fri Fundraisers for Sept. 15, 2017

There are many directors to chose from this week, and several collabs between multiple directors. One example is “We Go Higher”, a documentary co-directed by Sara Hirsh Bordo, the award-winning CEO of Women Rising, and up-and-comer Delaney Colaio, a recent high school graduate. They are joined by Michael Campo, a contributing filmmaker to Women Rising.

Speaking of women rising– please continue exploring the campaigns below and help these women directors rise to the next level in their careers! Have a great weekend!

                                                                                                        — Sarah

Reminder: All of the projects listed below have female directors at the helm OR they are projects that benefit women directors (e.g., film festivals, funds, etc).  The campaigns at the top of the list are the ones ending soonest, so get in there and support ASAP (with $$ or an RT on Twitter). Click the titles to go directly to each project’s crowdfunding page, those in italics are new additions this week.

Thanks for visiting and thank you very much for helping us support and raise awareness about WOMEN DIRECTORS AT WORK!

Crowdfunding Projects for Friday, Sept. 15, 2017

VIOLET’S NEW LIFE, directed by Kim Ray – @kimray @Everlasting_ENT

THE INVISIBLE VEGAN, directed by Jasmine & Kenny Leyva – @InvisibleVegan

THE AMERICAN MISTAKE, directed by Sandrene Mathews – @iamsandrene

GERALD, DEAN & GERALDEEN, directed by Katlin Mastandrea – @KatlinMastandrea

SIX YEAR OLD FEARS, directed by Lauren Anders Brown – @LABCollaborate

AMAZONIA LOT 1-AB, directed by Nicole Karsin – @AmazoniaLot1AB, @NicoleKarsin

THE ALLNIGHTER, directed by Aimee Graham – @aimeegraham_ag @cineglitch

ITWIFF – Imagine This Women’s International Film Festival, led by Patrice Francois – @imagineprods

WE GO HIGHER, directed by Sara Hirsh Bordo & Delaney Colaio – @delaneycolaio @wegohigherfilm

THE ATAVIST, directed by Cameo Wood – @atavistfilm @cameo

FREE, directed by Jen Kim – @JenKimCreative


If you’d like your project included in our next #FF Fri Fundraiser post, please email us with the details listed HERE.


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