Director of THE ATAVIST, Cameo Wood

#FF Fri Fundraisers for Oct. 6, 2017

The past is catching up to Harvey Weinstein with the release of the New York Times article “Decades of Sexual Harassment Accusations Against Harvey Weinstein.”  With the article comes a variety of responses from women and men across the industry on twitter, blogs, and social media. It’s a sad display of a man’s need for power and the way he’s exercised power in an industry driven by beauty standards, visual appeal, and typically men calling the shots for what meets those standards. Hence Harvey’s ability to create the “Harvey Girl” as covered by Courtney Enlow in an opinion blog back in 2010.

It’s a tricky issue with lots of opinions, but the bottom line is that the victims, the assaulted, will not remain silent (bravo!). And it’s not an easy choice to speak out against an abuser. The stories we choose to tell and the environments we create while telling stories either fosters truth-telling or fear-mongering. Let’s stand with the women (and men) who choose truth over fear and give power to the powerless, voice to the voiceless.

Check out Seed & Spark’s ongoing “Hometown Heroes” competition, as mentioned last week, and the new additions to our list of projects this week. Amplify their voices with your support in dollar form or social media posts to spread the word. Thanks!

— Sarah

Reminder: All of the projects listed below have female directors at the helm OR they are projects that benefit women directors (e.g., film festivals, funds, etc).  The campaigns at the top of the list are the ones ending soonest, so get in there and support ASAP (with $$ or an RT on Twitter). Click the titles to go directly to each project’s crowdfunding page, those in italics are new additions this week.

Thanks for visiting and thank you very much for helping us support and raise awareness about WOMEN DIRECTORS AT WORK!

Crowdfunding Projects for Friday, Oct. 6, 2017

ACID TEST, directed by Jenny Waldo – @AcidTestFilm

THE ATAVIST, directed by Cameo Wood – @atavistfilm @cameo

BRING ME AN AVOCADO, directed by Maria Mealla – @bringmeavocado

EPIPHANY, directed by Koula Kazista – @epiphany_movie

FANTASTIC SANTA MONACO, directed by Alexia Anastasio – @alexiaanastasio

MILES UNDERWATER, directed by Jen Prince – @MilesUnderwater @Jennotben

THE MISEDUCATION OF BINDU, directed by Prarthana Mohan – @MisEdBindu

NANAY KO 2, directed by Mallorie Ortega – @nanaykomovie

A ROOM FULL OF NOTHING, co-directed by Elena Weinberg & Duncan Coe – @ARFONmovie

THE WAY IT GOES, co-directed by Lolo Loren & Patrick Poe – @ixproductions

WHAT LIES WEST, directed by Jessica Ellis – @baddestmamajama

WAYS TO LOOK AT THE MOON, directed by Katherine Clark – @KAAATHM @WaysMoonFilm

WE GO HIGHER, directed by Sara Hirsh Bordo & Delaney Colaio – @delaneycolaio @wegohigherfilm

FREE, directed by Jen Kim – @JenKimCreative

MARISOL, directed by Zoé Salicrup Junco – @Form_Pressure

THE GIRL INSIDE, directed by Paula Plazas – @PaulinaPlazas


If you’d like your project included in our next #FF Fri Fundraiser post, please email us with the details listed HERE.


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