Anna Remus director of WISE GALS

#FF Fri Fundraisers for Dec. 8, 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Also, the busiest? My brain is slightly exploding from the myriad threads in the news about TIME’s Person of the Year, the Documentary shortlist for the 90th Academy Awards, critic’s end-of-year lists, and I’m sure you can add other head-exploding news to this list. So take it easy, be good to yourself and be good to those around you, so we can truly enjoy the wonderful times of the season!

One way to be good to those around you and feel the positive feedback is to support the campaigns crowdfunding this week. Give generously so each filmmaker will end the year with good vibes and a way to push her project to the finish line! There are many ways to give: Select a reward level, share a re-tweet, or “like” and comment a word of encouragement. Happy holidays!

— Sarah

Reminder: All of the projects listed below have female directors at the helm OR they are projects that benefit women directors (e.g., film festivals, funds, etc).  The campaigns at the top of the list are the ones ending soonest, so get in there and support ASAP (with $$ or an RT on Twitter). Click the titles to go directly to each project’s crowdfunding page, those in italics are new additions this week.

Crowdfunding Projects for Friday, Dec. 8, 2017


THE R WORD, directed by Angie Comer – @angiecomer8 @1mswrite

SEASON OF PASSAGE, directed by Catherine Ryan – @ccryannyc

THE MOUSE AND THE LION, directed by Lain Kienzle

THE THIRD ACT, directed by Lori Lowe – @themindfulactor

ABORT MISSION, directed by Brianna Byrdsong – @briwitched

TRACKS, directed by Rosie Day – @rosiedaydream

WISE GALS, directed by Anna Remus – @WiseGalsMovie

FINDING KAI, co-directed by Oreet Rees – @findingkai

ECHOES FROM TOMORROW, directed by Sreylin Meas, Danech San, and Kanitha Tith – @sleepydanech @antiarchive

REMIND ME, directed by Rachel Chavkin @rachelchavkin

WOLVES INSIDE, directed by Samantha Ireland – @Ireland_sam

ROUTE 46, directed by Jacqui Blue – @JacquiBlue517

OVERLOAD: AMERICA’S TOXIC LOVE STORY, directed by Soozie Eastman – @SoozieEastman


If you’d like your project included in our next #FF Fri Fundraiser post, please email us with the details listed HERE.



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