The Database

The database is a practical tool to help members of the film and television industries find female directors for their ODA’s, approved director lists, rosters, and any other projects that might require a director.

There are over 1000 directors included in the database and each one of them has directed either a feature-length film (narrative or documentary), television episodes, or they are seasoned commercial or music video directors. And, of course, they all happen to be women.

The database includes filters geared toward the needs of producers or executives– covering medium, genre, region, etc. As the site grows, more filters will be added. Please feel free to let us know what additional information will help you find the talent you need for your projects. Send requests to

Please note, the database is intended to be a starting point in your research on women directors and does not claim to be comprehensive or completely accurate, though best efforts have been made to achieve the latter. Please do your own additional research before making any decisions.

If you are an agent or manager with a client you would like to add to the database, contact us at and we will send you a submission form. Please make sure their experience fits within the parameters listed above before contacting TDL.


Database Formatting Notes:

  • The genres “Kids” and “Teen” do not always refer to kid/teen-oriented shows. It can also suggest that the director has experience working with kids or teens in projects that are not geared toward them. 
  • The genre “Family” does not always refer to family-oriented subject matter, it can also refer to a project that has strong family themes and is intended for adults.


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